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Re: Personal reply to Edd Dumbill's XML Hack Article wrt W3C XML Schema

> >> > Why have any markup at all?
> >Exactly.  But the again, the data-oriented people are saying that
> >you still won't how to interpret the data without a schema, even
> >with markup in the data document.  If that is so, it's not a strong
> >case for using markup.
> It is the markup that relates raw data to the appropriate part of the schema.
> The markup is a critical piece of data typing in XML.

For XML, yes. To relate raw data to the "data type", no markup is
necessary. For example, the XDR (Sun RPC), CDR (CORBA), and NDR
(DCE/DCOM) encodings can encode values without transmitting markup.
ASN.1 BER uses a limited form of framing to support extensibility and
to indicate absent fields; it also has the option of ommitting
unneeded markup (IMPLICIT tagging). 

Relationship between the raw data and the appropriate part of the
schema is established merely by the order of the data in the data
stream in all these technologies; no markup is necessary for that.