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Re: A simple guy with a simple problem

Hello XML people !
I'am readin' this list a short time ( 3 months or so ) and there
were several things I wondered about. In the meantime I said to
myself: "Go and look what they mean!" 
But now If got a question, cause this statement makes me curious.

There is however, some subtile workaround for this. You may 
try collecting rare latters where SGML experts *themselvs* are 
saying that DTDs are better to be removed from XML 1.0

For smart manager this may click on something and he
may initiate the process of redesigning  the entity-dtd-based 
workflows into something better ( and your problems will be gone ).

In general, XSLT-based workflows should work better. 

I mean that Common XML + XSLT is less trouble than 
full-blown XML with DTDs and entities.



I thought DTDs are used to define the validness of a XML document and 
XSLT is used to convert a XML instance in another one with another DTD.
Is that correct?
I understood this statement in the way that XSLT would be used instead of
DTDs and this I heard the first time... 

Eric Böse-Wolf
( please don't mind me english, I'm a german student. )

Nothin' is worse than havin' an itch you
can never scratch.