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RE: A simple guy with a simple problem

> And worse, in one case, a suggestion that I was
> trolling with this simple example!

You were, 'cos you knew what the responses would be.
I gave you the ansewer you expected ;-)

> <?foo bar?>
> <!DOCTYPE foo SYSTEM "foo.dtd" [
> <!ENTITY bar "this is some ST">
> <!ENTITY biz "UFF">
> ]>
> <foo>
> <lit text="hello">
> <![CDATA[This is literal
> STU]]><![CDATA[ FF]]>
> </lit>
> <lit>
> &bar;&biz;
> </lit>
> </foo>

What is the transport mechanism being used? 

As you are expecting now, people will tell you that
allowing this in the B2B protocol is bad practise.