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Re: A simple guy with a simple problem

Sean McGrath wrote:

> I am stunned at the number of people who have suggested
> lexical processing to solve this problem. [...]

Well, the problem was incompletely specified.
(This goes without saying of course: the problem
is *always* incompletely specified).

If "change 'STUFF' to 'stuff'" refers to the transfer
syntax, then lexical processing is the correct solution.
If it refers to the Infoset, then infoset processing
is the correct solution.  Bob needs to take this
up with his manager to clarify the requirements.

Why do we want to make this change in the first place?
What constitutes "all material respects" of the document
(i.e., the bits that should remain unchanged)?
Should "STUFF" be changed to "stuff" if it appears
as a substring of a longer word?  If not, what
constitutes a word boundary?

> To those who suggested using SAX, I suggest you fire
> up your text editor and try it yourself. As a service
> to the XML community, I suggest you then report
> back with what you discovered.

OK; what do you expect that we'll discover?
(If it's the issue of "STUFF" being split up
across CharacterDataEvent boundaries, as
would happen with the example below, I've
already taken that into consideration :-)

--Joe English