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Re: Gag me with a blunt …

> Maybe I am way off base here, but my experience with XML on OS/390 has 
> shown that there are actually two EBCDIC "newline" characters: one is 0x15 
> (EBCDIC NEWLINE), and the other is 0x25 (EBCDIC LF or linefeed char). The 
> IBM C++ compiler outputs 0x15 when you print "\n", but each record of 
> mainframe text datasets appears to be terminated with 0x25.

The numbers you are quoting are the EBCDIC numbers of the characters.

EBCDIC character 0x15 and 0x25 correspond to the Unicode characters
0x85 (NEL) and 0xA (LF), thought which is which seems to vary - see


for more information.

-- Richard