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Re: Revised list (Re: Good XML websites)

From: Nik O <nikozu@lycos.com>

> I can suggest one addition for general sites:

Stick that one on your own list. When I looked just then that site had
nicked a paragraph of mine without attributing it.  How rude. Here I am busy
trying to contribute helpful information to the developer community so they
they will feel goodwill and consider buying my next book, and that site
nicks it (is this how Robin Cover feels?). Perhaps I should put a
zlib/libpng license on my .signature  :-()=

(However, it does not look a bad website at all. Thanks for the tip.)

> And a vendor site missing from the list:

> http://technet.oracle.com/tech/xml/

Missing only because I don't visit it regularly. Requiring logins is a sure
way to keep people away. I didn't find the white-papers "interesting" in any
case: the excellent software seemed to be the main thing.  I had lots of
difficulty with Sun's site for the same reason (perhaps they assume people
work on fewer than 7 computers at 3 sites, for some strange reason:
passwords are a pain and cookies don't help much when one is transient.)

(Oracle's XSLT seems to support Schematron well, though, from the
Screamatron Torture Tests (http://www.ascc.net/xml/schematron/1.5 ; however,
I notice that at least 3 of the implementations tested have been updated in
the last few weeks, so those tests are already out-of-date.
I wonder what the ethical thing to do is: would it be best to take down the
results after some percentage of implementations tested are no longer

Rick Jelliffe