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XML Schema: Formal Description is now published

The document formerly known as MSL has now been published publicly as a W3C 
Working Draft:


This formalization is a formal, declarative system for describing and 
naming XML Schema information, specifying XML instance type information, 
and validating instances against schemas. The goals of the formalization 
are to:
       Provide a semantic framework for software systems that use the W3C 
XML Schema specification, such as the W3C XML Query Algebra.
       Specify names for all components of an XML Schema, so that they can 
be uniquely identified by URIs. Such unique identifiers may be useful to 
XML Query, RDF, and topic maps, among others.
       Formally define validation at a declarative level.
       Define the mapping from the current XML Schema syntax onto the 
structures described here, as well as the mapping between the XML Schema 
component mode and our component model.

Fans of creeping formalism should enjoy this ;->