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Revised list (Re: Good XML websites)

I'd second Rick's list, even agreeing with his 
1-2-3 rankings. The Cover Pages used to be my 
#1, but the volume there has become so great 
that it's sometimes hard to separate good hard 
red winter wheat from chaff.

I can suggest one addition for general sites:


This site is similar to xml.com in coverage, but 
from a UK perspective (i think it is connnected 
with Wrox Press, though i don't know their exact 
relationship). There seems to be some bias toward 
Microsoft-related practical solutions, but i can't 
hold this against them (too much ;-).

And a vendor site missing from the list:


As a grassroots open source kinda developer, i'm 
not a huge fan of Oracle, but there is no denying 
that they are an early and aggressive supporter 
of XML. In fact, as much as i appreciate the great 
impact of The Cover Pages, i would argue that the 
enthusiasm for XML is also in large part due to 
the support of Oracle and Microsoft (and yes, i 
do hate myself for promoting those twins... ;-).

 Nik Ozu

P.S. I suppose i might have some personal bias:
I've worked on four of Wrox's XML books, but i 
still like and use O'Reilly's xml.com site.

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