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Revised list (Re: Good XML Websites)

Here is the revised list.   It is a list of best websites about XML, where
"best" means "this is a website I go to as part of my daily/weekly routine
or because references/links typically lead me there".  (In the case of
XML.COM, I sometimes get articles published there, so that is one drawcard
for me, and I tend to visit sites that mention Schematron.)  It is not a
directory of XML pages.

My personal list would be, for non-vendor sites:

#1 xmlhack.com
#2 xml.com (articles, resources)
#3 Cover's Cover Pages (comprehensive topical collections, with abstracts)
    http://xml.coverpages.org/  [main page]
    http://xml.coverpages.org/sgmlnew.html  [news]
    http://xml.coverpages.org/coverNewsHeadlines.html [news headlines]
    http://xml.coverpages.org/siteIndex.html [topical index]
  The Robin Cover's site is the jewel in the XML crown: it is an amazing
   effort that surely is the single most important infrastructure reason for
   XML's fast growth. There is almost nothing about XML (via SGML)
   that you cannot find here.  I put the other sites first, because I glance
   them more often, but if I were to rank sites in importance for weekly
   or monthly work and research, there is simply nothing anywhere near the
   Cover pages.  Whenever I need to find information on any topic, I always
    start there, and I cannot recall a single instance, in more
    that 5 years of using them, when I could not find a helpful reference,
    and often very up-to-date pages.  OASIS would be doing everyone
    a favour if they expanded the service: it is pure gold for developers
    researchers, and an important defense against the meatheads who
    don't know that the web's lifeblood is ideas not products.
#4 Elliotte's Cafe Con Leche (opinion on topical issues)
#5 zvon.org  (tutorials and materials, including a Schematron tutorial)
#6 Taubers xmlsoftware.com and related sites (good listings of products)

Honorable mention for general research sites
 *   citeseer (abstracts and copies of scholarly articles)
 *    and ACM

For vendor/product sites (in no order):

* W3C (technical specifications)
* Apache
* alphaworks at IBM (toys)
* Sun