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Web Philosophy

To ensure the simplest approach to web technologies, 
the Web Philosophy has been formally declared in 
certain W3C documents.  http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlp-reqs/

To ensure simple understanding of  Web philosophy, the 
following simplifications have been prepared:

Web Philosophy: "The aim is to exploit Web philosophy and 
Web design principles in order to help foster widespread 
decentralized computing on the Web."
Simplification:  The aim of the Web philosophy is to 
perpetuate the Web philosophy.

Charter:  "Focus must be put on simplicity and modularity and must support 
the kind of extensibility actually seen on the Web. In particular, 
it must support distributed extensibility where the communicating 
parties do not have a priori knowledge of each other."

Simplification:  Thou shalt make all strangers familiar and 
all familiars strange.

Charter: "Simplicity is a key element in making distributed systems easy 
to understand, implement, maintain, and evolve. Modularity and layering 
are two important design principles for achieving simplicity. Although 
simplicity can only be measured in relative terms, the Working Group 
must ensure that the complexity of any solution produced is comparable 
to that of other current and widespread Web solutions."

Simplification:  Thou shalt not progress beyond any of thy 
nearest brethren except if thy brethren are faster
in which case thou shalt progress only as fast as the 
slowest among them.

Charter:  "Another important aspect of simplicity is ease of deployment. 
The Working Group will look at various ways of deploying  
in a manner that is compatible with the existing Web infrastructure."

Simplification:  Thou shalt not deploy anything that has not 
been deployed before you deploy except if said deployment 
shall slow the deployment of the fastest among you.

Web Philosophy:  "Requirements for simplicity and stability arise in 
the context of the specification documents and in the context of the 
technologies being defined."

Simplification:  Unphilosophical herds move too fast, too unpredictably, 
and always sacrifice the slowest runners to predators as a means to keep the

medium runners in full view of the fast runners' behinds.  For 
that reason, the lead animal shall run only a fast as the slowest 
animal ensuring the predators have equal access to all animals 
in the herd.


Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h