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Re: Web Philosophy

> > As a result, I remain a vocal critic of W3C process and of many of its
> > results - making noise may irritate people, but staying silent only (IMHO)
> > makes things worse.

[my suggestion to participate omitted]

> Sorry - protesting the manner in which a process is conducted by 
> participating in it is not an answer in my book.
> Vendor consortia with closed processes are not appropriate means of 
> building the Web, in my opinion.  

Now I understand. You are not (primarily) criticizing the technical
results that they get, but the process by which they obtain them.

> That might seem quaint, nostalgic, or naive to some people, but I
> think it's a pretty reasonable, even moderate, stance.

I think it is confusing that you apparently disagree with the results
based on the process in which they've been produced. While I can
understand the criticism, I'd agree it is na´ve to assume that
anything will likely change in that respect in foreseeable future.

Furthermore, I cannot agree that the process is closed - nor do I see
reasonable alternatives.