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RE: Web Philosophy

Ok, fair enough, that's a lot less - but not insignificant to most mortals.
How is the figure justified?

Anyway, so you will only pay me $5,000 to start working for me. Still sounds
a good deal.

Danny Ayers

<- -----Original Message-----
<- From: Ann Navarro [mailto:ann@webgeek.com]
<- Sent: 28 March 2001 00:57
<- To: Danny Ayers; xml-dev@lists.xml.org
<- Subject: RE: Web Philosophy
<- At 12:55 PM 3/27/01, Danny Ayers wrote:
<- >Doesn't this appear strange - considering that usually when you
<- do work for
<- >people you get paid. As to the level of the membership fee - I can only
<- >think that this is intentionaly high, to block the little fish out. Full
<- >membership for a years salary? Come on.
<- Woah, back up folks.
<- $50,000 annual membership is for companies with gross receipts
<- over $5MM or
<- something absurd. Otherwise, it's $5,000 annual. There are far
<- more of the
<- small guys than the big guys in the consortium.
<- Plus, to dispell any notions to the contrary, the only difference is the
<- amount paid, no difference in voting rights, representation, or anything
<- else by charter.
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