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Re: Web Philosophy

At 02:00 PM 3/27/01 -0500, Ann Navarro wrote:
 >>XSchema/DDML (which Ron and I worked on) was built entirely on electronic
>>discussion.  I didn't meet my fellow editors (or even hear their voices)
>>until well after the spec went to the W3C.
>Ok, but how much time (b) did you give?

I gave about 200 hours, personally.  I don't think anyone else spent nearly 
that much, though Ron Bourret and John Cowan gave substantial amounts of time.

On the other hand, there were a lot of important contributions made by 
people who didn't spend nearly that much time.  The time required to edit a 
document and the time required to contribute to a document are pretty 
different things.  The purely electronic approach made it possible for 
people to contribute when they could, and to whatever level they could support.

We didn't get a lot of useless mail, as I look over that archive again.

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