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Re: experts

At 12:40 AM 3/28/01 -0800, Tim Bray wrote:
>At 08:39 PM 27/03/01 -0500, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
> >  HTML, of course, was designed by
> >an amateur.
>On which planet?  TimBL had a lengthy and pretty good career
>as a software professional before he went to CERN, where he
>was a full-time employee working on electronic information
>dissemination among other things.  A bit of fact-checking
>please. -Tim

Hmm... you seem to have lost the context, and that 'amateur' is a good 
thing in this case.

Yes, Tim BL was definitely a software professional doing good work.

He didn't, however, really come from the field (hypertext) to which he made 
his substantial contribution.

A number of people, I think himself included, have pointed out that Tim 
BL's lack of baggage was a lot of what made it possible for him to create a 
distributed hypertext system which accepted things like 404 Not Found as a 
fact of life, and which only supported the tiniest possible amount of 
hypertext linking.

To me, that's a hell of an achievement.  But then, HyTime damn near put me 
off markup entirely.

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