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[ANN] PowerXML beta

Announcing Wizen Software's PowerXML beta test program

We invite you to join the PowerXML Pro and Server beta test program.

PowerXML Pro is an XML-centric Rapid Application Development (X-RAD)
tool, which allows you to easily create and deploy complex XML-based
'pipelines' using a simple-to-use GUI tool. Pipelines developed using
PowerXML Pro can be deployed under PowerXML server and accessed
directly via web-browsers or other servers.

Features include:

- Built-in XML and HTML input parsers -- apply XSLT and XPath to HTML or
- Built-in XPath processor.
- Automatic HTML to XML conversion.
- Direct DBMS to XML conversion (via ODBC).
- Many built-in XML actions that require no programming. These include:
  Insert, Delete, Filter, Append, Substitute, Pretty Print, Transform, and
- Support for multiple XSLT engines (currently MSXML, Xalan-C++, and
- XSLT engine timing with 3D charts (for performance comparison).
- Integrated with popular web-servers (Apache and IIS). Access pipelines via
  HTTP GET or POST (HTML forms).
- Java, C, C++, COM, and shell-command interface to engine (in final
- Automatic conversion of HTTP headers and HTML GET and POST requests to
- User-definable parameters accessible by pipeline, XPath and XSLT.
- Self-contained pipelines: XML, XSL and processing contained in a single
- Cross-platform server deployment platform (Windows, Linux, Solaris).

Uses include: DBMS to XML data conversion, HTML to XML processing,
content aggregation, multi-device output support (desktop and wireless),
XML/EDI, and e-commerce.

PowerXML Beta Program
Those wishing to enroll in the PowerXML Beta Program can join from
our web site (http://www.wizen.com) or contact Wizen Software at
beta@wizen.com. Help us make this a better development tool.
We look forward to your feedback.

Thank you
Wizen Beta Team