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Re: CDATA sections in W3C XML Infoset

> Given that the DOM allows adjacent Text nodes unless
> normalise() is called, and CDATASection nodes extend 
> the interfaces of Text, how would your processing
> change if you just dealt with Text alone?

After I get the tree, I call normalize() on it. Suppose my processing
is to count people whose first name is "Karl", in a document like


Then I'd do

  karls = 0
  for person in root.getElementsByTagName("person"):
      first = person.getElementsByTagName("first")[0]
      for n in first.childNodes:
          if n.nodeType == Node.TEXT_NODE and n.data == "Karl":
      karl += 1

Now, if there are CDATA sections in there, this algorithm will break:
the string Karl could still be split across several nodes.