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Re: Any prior art?: An upcoming patent for an XSL implementationtechnique

Sean McGrath <sean.mcgrath@propylon.com> wrote:

> Hadson's methods seems to me to be certainly novel but I
> am not a guru is this area. Is anyone aware of any prior
> art that might skupper the patent plans?

Why yes. My 7th cousin, Dr. Aryeuas Ucker has been working on a project like
this in secret for years. Unfortunately, the project dates back before XML
and is based on the conversion of small sed scripts into various farm
animals. In fact, it was out of this research that the famous cloned sheep
Dolly came.

Don't tell anyone, but I've heard rumors that it was a monster sed script,
written on a whim, that created the latest outbreak of foot and mouth
disease in the UK.

Unfortunately, due to the terribly secret nature of Dr. Ucker's work, I do
not believe she will be able to disclose enough information to successfully
defeat Dr. Hadson's patent.

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