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Re: Modularity (was: Linkbases,Topic Maps,and RDF Knowledge Bases --help me understand, please)

John Cowan wrote:

> The official line is that resources are identical
> iff their URIs are identical, although I take a
> more relaxed view: two URIs may refer to the same
> resource if the owner says so.  For example,
> ftp://ftp.reutershealth.com/home/internal and
> http://ftp.reutershealth.com:8181/home/internal
> are according to me the same resource.
> (Don't bother going there.)

If you take the IETF view of URIs then they can be - if you provide the
URI resolver mechanism. Going back to a thread of a couple of weeks ago
- that's the II resolution query for URIs.

Using II queries, you could have many things being specified the same -
such as




*providing* your resolver was set up to handle this (ie amazon would
probably provide the authoritative URI resolver for that instance).
The handling of RDF URIs obviously was a cause for debate last time
around in this thread. Whether they should diverge from the
"standardised" view of URIs is open to another flamewar (they seem to be
the only case in all of XML land that seem to not follow the IETF

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