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XML Schema min/max/Inclusice/Exclusive facet question

I have some questions about new XML Schema PR.

1. When the {primitive type definition} is float or double built-in type,
   can I specify NaN, INF or -INF as value of min/max/Inclusice/Exclusive facet?
   Is this constrainted in the specification ?

2. About "Constraint on Schemas: maxInclusive and maxExclusive", is it error that
   deriving by adding the maxInclusive facet, when the maxExclusive is among the
   members of {facets} of {base type definition} ?

3. The minExclusive facet "Constraint on Schemas: minExclusive valid restriction"
   says "minExclusive is among the members of {facets} of {base type definition}
   and {value} is greater than the {value} of the parent minExclusive" is error.
   "greater than" is correct?

Sorry, if these are in FAQ.

 KAZUMI Saito  FUJITSU Laboratories Ltd.