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Re: XML Schema min/max/Inclusice/Exclusive facet question

> 1. When the {primitive type definition} is float or double built-in type,
>    can I specify NaN, INF or -INF as value of min/max/Inclusice/Exclusive facet?
>    Is this constrainted in the specification ?

As far as I know, yes, you can. Simply because NaN and INF and such things
are lawful member of value space. There is no reason to prohibit them, and in
fact there is no explicit statement that prohibits the use of them.

> 2. About "Constraint on Schemas: maxInclusive and maxExclusive", is it error that
>    deriving by adding the maxInclusive facet, when the maxExclusive is among the
>    members of {facets} of {base type definition} ?

See section 4.3.7 "CoS: maxInclusive valid restriction". It is an error only
if the specified value is greater than or equal to the value of maxExclusive.

> 3. The minExclusive facet "Constraint on Schemas: minExclusive valid restriction"
>    says "minExclusive is among the members of {facets} of {base type definition}
>    and {value} is greater than the {value} of the parent minExclusive" is error.
>    "greater than" is correct?

I guess it's typo. It would be better to post this to
www-xml-schema-comments@w3.org to let WG know this typo.

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