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RE: "Binary XML" proposals

If reducing bandwidth is the main requirement then I would have thought
gzip-ing would be an ideal solution. Standard format, and the codec could be
put inline fairly transparently (though didn't someone mention http 1.1
supports compression itself????) :

XML -> gzip -> http or whatever -> gzip -> XML

API's for gzip are readily available - e.g. GZIPInputStream etc in core Java

Danny Ayers

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<- From: Christopher R. Maden [mailto:crism@maden.org]
<- Sent: 11 April 2001 02:31
<- To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
<- Subject: RE: "Binary XML" proposals
<- At 07:35 10-04-2001, Al Snell wrote:
<- >In *my* binary XML format project
<- Therein, I think, lies the rub.
<- As you noted, any binary XML format must contain exactly as much
<- information as the text form.  That means that a sufficiently good
<- compression algorithm combined with the text form will be as
<- compact as the
<- directly binary form.  On the other hand, if I get "XML", I can open it,
<- examine it, and in the absence of any other information, take a
<- pretty good
<- guess at its meaning (as Walter Perry is so fond of pointing out).  If I
<- get compressed data in some well-known form, like gzip, I can
<- uncompress it
<- pretty easily.  If I get Al's Binary Structure Format, what the
<- heck do I
<- do with it?  The drawbacks seem prohibitive and the benefits minimal.
<- -Chris
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