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W3C press release: comments on standard-setting

Previously we discussed standards, and there were comments about
W3C being a technology incubator, not a standards organization.

That is not the current thinking at W3C -- according to an April 17 press
release excerpted below:

World Wide Web Consortium Grows to Over 500 Members
Organizations from 34 Countries Lead the Web to its Full Potential 

... snip ...

"W3C Produces Standard-Setting, Interoperable Technologies Through

... snip ...

"W3C is unique in that it performs the functions of design and
standardization concurrently. As a result, W3C has produced technologies
ahead of the product curve in some cases: technologies which are now
being embraced across industries internationally. To ensure
accountability to all users of the Web, the W3C Process provides a clear
description of how work is started, performed, reviewed, and completed."