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Re: atoms, molecules

Bindings for Micro-parsings...

This seems like a good use of the PSVI I've heard so much about:
   Elements with type "FooBarExpression" can be up-parsed using the XSLT @ 

Perhaps the availability of various UpParsers for a "PSVI-Type" could be 
indicated in RDDL? Can RDDL make reference to a "PSVI-Type"?

-Wayne Steele

>From: "Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl@simonstl.com>
>To: opensource@toolsmiths.se
>CC: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
>Subject: Re: atoms, molecules
>Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:57:11 -0400
>At 05:04 PM 4/20/01 +0200, Anders W. Tell wrote:
> >"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
> >> >But what is the result after applying one or more reqexps, a xml 
> >> >or... ?
> >>
> >>That's what we need to figure out next.  I'm leaning toward text 
> >>with labels - child text nodes with extra properties, in a DOM sense, or
> >>just extra information that a program could explore if needed.
> >
> >One simple solution may be to first annotate Schema with references to an
> >XSLT extension
> >and an equivalent Schema.
>Except that dealing with strings in XSLT is a huge pain in the
>neck.  Thanks, I'll stick with regular expressions.
> >Then use this information to micro-parse  nontrivial encodings using XSLT
> >into the equivalent XML fragment.
>No, thanks, that's all right.  Way too much work for a result that's easy
>to get with simpler tools.
>I'm happy to consider bindings for micro-parsing, but I can't say I have
>any interest in promoting it as a primary tool for doing this work.
>Simon St.Laurent - Associate Editor, O'Reilly and Associates
>XML Elements of Style / XML: A Primer, 2nd Ed.
>XHTML: Migrating Toward XML
>http://www.simonstl.com - XML essays and books

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