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RE: performance test suite? (was: Re: Using W3C Regular Expressions)

You've all said it.
So slap the profile on the table, gents.

Danny Ayers

<- -----Original Message-----
<- From: Al B. Snell [mailto:alaric@alaric-snell.com]
<- Sent: 20 April 2001 22:16
<- To: James Strachan
<- Cc: The Deviants
<- Subject: Re: performance test suite? (was: Re: Using W3C Regular
<- Expressions)
<- On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, James Strachan wrote:
<- > I've not managed to track the whole text-v-binary discussions
<- -  I find it
<- > hard to find the time to keep up with xml-dev these days :-(.
<- > Is your intention to build a performance testing framework to
<- demonstrate
<- > the performance difference of binary v. text XML parsers?
<- Something like that. The Community is crying out for hard figures rather
<- than speculation, so when people's implementations are ready and tuned to
<- the hilt, I'd like to organise a race.
<- For now, I'm collecting ideas on testing procedures that will ensure
<- fairness.
<- > If so, I've been meaning to investigate the relative performances of a
<- > variety of SAX parsers (crimson, Xerces1/2, Aelfred), both
<- with and without
<- > validation along with some other configurations like turning
<- on and off of
<- > String "interning".
<- Validation on and off - I forgot about that - another criteria for my
<- list :-)
<- > It might be a good idea to combine our efforts into the same
<- benchmarking
<- > suite so (say) it would be easy to compare a binary SAX driver
<- fares against
<- > the best text SAX drivers etc.
<- >
<- > My idea was to create a SourceForge project for the benchmark suite.
<- > Does this seem of interest or am I way off where you're at?
<- Oooh, that'd be sweet. The binary implementations aren't very ready yet,
<- but the testing tools will be useful for comparing different parsers for
<- now, and they can be designed to allow plugging in binary formats later
<- easily (this may come for free if they support multiple implementations
<- anyway)
<- >
<- > James
<- >
<- ABS
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