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RE: Is there any DTD

From the "Pizza Chef" web page [1] at the Oxford site:

Pizza Chef "will help you design your own
TEI-conformant document type definition (DTD)
in either SGML or XML format."

Of course, it's one thing to represent prosodic analysis
and performance texts in a markup representation that
"conforms" to some markup standard; it's quite another
thing to find or build software which does something
meaningful with the marked-up analysis; it's yet another
thing to assume that the software your friend has for
processing "TEI-conformant" documents will have any
relevance to YOUR "TEI-conformant" documents if the two
of you have chosen different (only partially-intersecting)
subsets from the TEI complete tag set.

For other references, see:

"Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) - XML for TEI Lite."

Best wishes,

Robin Cover

PS I saw some cool software the other day which does process
(i.e., render via XSLT and RenderX, to PDF) TEI-style markup for texts
with some complexity, including the "quotation" markup
recommendation of TEI, supporting discontinuous segments in
quoted speech, doing all the right things with punctuation marks
for nested quotation levels, in various languages, in various
speech contexts (statement vs interrogative)...  so it can be done
in principled ways.


On Thu, 3 May 2001, Linda van den Brink wrote:

> >    Do anyone of you, know about a DTD scheme that relates
> > to representation of drama, poems, rhimes and prose. Perhaps
> > a developed version of XCES or something like this. I am
> > involved in a  project, where verses are willingly annotated
> > by types of rhimes, vowel orders, line suffixes, ... Any suggestion
> > is welcome.
> The TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) DTD includes elements for markup of
> drama, poetry, and prose. I used it in the past to markup a (small)
> collection of poetry for the purpose of computer-aided text analysis. 
> TEI is an international project to develop guidelines for the encoding of
> textual material in electronic form for research purposes. Go to the TEI
> home page for more information: http://www.tei-c.org/index.html
> The only thing is, as far as I know the TEI DTD is still only in SGML, not
> XML. The DTD is huge and complex, and I'm sure it's very difficult, if not
> impossible, to translate it into an XML DTD. But I haven't been on top of
> TEI development at all so I don't know if they're trying. 
> Hope this helps, 
> Linda