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Re: Namespace: what's the correct usage?

> I think it's safe to assume I'll get the namespace decls right.

I think the issue in the namespace rec's advice not to use implied
namespace decls is not that you (or in general the original intended
user) will get the wrong namespace, but rather that other people with
other tools might get the wrong namespace, but anyway it's a moot point
as you clarified that you really do intend to have two namespaces, or at
least one  (prefix, bound) namespace and the default non-namespace.

So I agree the use you suggest is perfectly sound. Personally I think
it's rather strange, and it loses some of the benefits of the namespace
system in that your child elements are not in the safe haven of their
own namepsace  but having to fight for themselves in the uncharted 
unnamespaced world of "legacy" element names, but this is just
personal design preferences not really any issue of substance.


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