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Re: XML Blueberry

At 19:26 21/06/01, John Cowan wrote:

>>>This is a proposal for a new BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE version of XML.
>>Doesn't sound desirable, at least to me.
>I am not sure what "backwards incompatible" is supposed to mean
>in this context.  Old parsers won't be able to read Blueberry
>documents, that's true.  But nobody needs to write a Blueberry
>document unless they wish to exploit Blueberry features.  And
>upgrading parsers to Blueberry is intentionally trivial: it's basically
>about expanding a few tables.

It seems these changes are good. Many other good changes could be made to 
XML 1.0.
Unicode will keep evolving on its own, etc.

But this new and incompatible version should be christened XML 1.01, or
any other version number that reflects the evolution of XML.

<?xml version='1.01'?> isn't that bad, and it implies exactly what you say.