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Re: XML Blueberry

David Brownell wrote:

> I think that's the key point.  It creates "islands of (non)interoperability",
> fragmenting a landscape that really deserves stabilization instead of
> more earth tremors.

Not that much of a tremor, I think.

> As it stands,
> the XML 1.0 spec is effectively independent of changes from the
> Unicode consortium, but still leverages Unicode where it's most
> essential (representation of text, not markup).


> That hypothetical situation differs in at least one key respect from
> this real one with IBM.  Macintosh users have always had access
> to ASCII, while it seems this IBM line-end is a legacy from the days
> that IBM fought ASCII because it was too open, and threated to
> decimate their cardpunch/terminal/... margins by facilitating the
> creation of interoperable commodity infrastructure.

ASCII or EBCDIC is not the issue.  The question is, of the 65 available
control characters in 8-bit character sets, which one or ones are
you going to use for the logical "line end" function?  Mainframes
use NEL, other systems use CR or LF or CR/LF.  NEL has been around
for a long time even in the ASCII world: the ISO 2022 7-bit
equivalent of 0x85, which is 0x1B 0x44 (aka ESC D) has been supported
by ANSI X3.64 terminals since VT100 days.

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