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Re: XML Blueberry

Frank Boumphrey wrote:

><lauren>I coined it (as far as I know, nobody used it before me); it was
>meant </lauren>
>This  may well be true, however I published it in a tutorial on XML in 1997.
>Whether I subconsciously 'cribbed' it from you, or whether it was a case of
>independent invention, I don't know.  :>)
I used the phrase "XML is the new ASCII" at a number of conferences 
through 1997-1998 when talking about the DOM. Probably independent 
invention would be my guess; it's one of those obvious things. I know 
that right after I started using it, so did Tim Bray and then Jon Bosak, 
so it hit a chord at the time. Maybe, since XML is now so widely 
implemented, it's time to come up with a new slogan ;-)