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Re: XML Blueberry

>I think the good people at IANA [1] would treat this request with the scorn
>which you have poured onto Blueberry.

I don't think so. The IANA only registers names of character sets 
actually used. They do not attempt to judge whether those character 
sets make sense. But even if they did it doesn't matter

Even if the IANA were to refuse to register this encoding for some 
reason, XML can still use it. XML 1.0 suggests but does not require 
that character set names  in the encoding declaration be registered 
with the IANA. If the IANA doesn't want to register IBD-8, we can 
just call it x-IBD-8 and use it anyway.

I certainly don't intended to use such a non-standard encoding, but 
that's sort of the point. This proposal let's IBM have their cake, 
without forcing everyone else to eat it.

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