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RE: Newbie

There are plenty of good tutorials, you might want to get a smaller, but to
the point book on XML.  Before we can answer if you need to use XML or not,
you need to provide a description of what is it you are trying to do.  As
far as schemas, there is a great tutorial that you can link to from
www.w3.org by going to schemas and then look for tutorial header.


-----Original Message-----
From: Timothy Heald
To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
Sent: 06/27/2001 8:55 AM
Subject: Newbie

	I am a Cold fusion developer who is brand new to XML. I recently
The XML Bible from IDG.  I was wondering if anyone could recommend any
REALLY basic online tutorials or white papers or any other resources. I
trying to figure out if XML is something we need or not.  Also my
works in the education sector.  we have found several sites that deal
K-12 specific XML schema and applications (I hope I'm using the right

Thank you in advance.

Tim Heald
Application Development

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