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Re: Newbie

On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Timothy Heald wrote:
> I am a Cold fusion developer who is brand new to XML. I recently purchased
> The XML Bible from IDG.  

That probably won't help you much as it's more of a reference
than a beginner's tutorial.

> I was wondering if anyone could recommend any
> REALLY basic online tutorials or white papers or any other resources. I am

You'll find lots of material at http://xml.coverpages.org but if
you haven't used text markup before it might be useful to read
something explanatory and generic like the TEI's "Gentle Guide"
which explains why we do all this pointy bracket stuff, before
starting in on the technical details of XML.

> trying to figure out if XML is something we need or not. 

You don't say what you do, so this is hard to answer.

> Also my company
> works in the education sector.  we have found several sites that deal with
> K-12 specific XML schema and applications (I hope I'm using the right
> terms).

Yep, except the plural of schema is schemas. See me after class :-)