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Re: XML Blueberry (non-ASCII name characters in Japan)

 From: "Tom Bradford" <bradford@dbxmlgroup.com>

> - If XML, as a specification, is meant to be able to stand on
>  its own for 1000 years (as has been said

I don't believe it is. That was a goal of SGML's, and so XML
inherits it to some extent.  SGML's approach was
  - text based, so simple tools can at least appraise it
  - rigorous description of the notation used,
  - generalized markup, to factor out processing issues notably
  - flexibility to support lots of different notations, because
     notations and fashions change
  - explicit indications of system-specific data where there is no way to
transmit to the future the details (i.e. SDATA entities, which are signals
to consumer-side technicians "you need to figure out how to handle this")

XML supports the first three, the second last one is not so important now
that people are <pointy>-headed, and the last
is not so important now that Unicode is the document character

Rick Jelliffe

Rick Jelliffe