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Re: participating communities (was XML Blueberry)

Len commented:
> ISO works for governments and the W3C works for private companies. 

And what some folk on this list want is organizations that work
for "the rest of us".  That's certainly closer to theoretical role of
government, in most parts of the world, and antithetical to the
role of private corporations (which work for their management,
or arguably some of their more powerful shareholders).

Frank commented:
> Yeah there's plenty wrong with business, but  I totally fail to comprehend
> how any survivor of the 20th century can think governments are better.

Easy.  Just look at how responsible corporations have shown
themselves to be ... tobacco companies, media consortia like
the MPAA and RIAA, power companies, and plenty more.

The problem, despite politically biased rhetoric, isn't that governments
are worse than the corporations they sometimes try to constrain, but
that most of today's large institutions have so little accountability.

Of course that whole thread is OT ... :)