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Re: SAX2 ... missing features?

> > I like the "XML Pipeline" framework I developed, for example, in no
> > small part because it doesn't ignore lexical and declaration handlers.
> > Which means that it supports more complete "pass through", unlike
> > anything based directly on XMLFilterImpl.  (So my XMLWriter is
> > able to record the DTD information when it matters...)
> That sounds more useful to me.  Is the only required change [extends
> XMLPipelineImpl] instead of [extends XMLFilterImpl]?

Sort of -- "EventFilter" is the convenience class.  (And "TeeConsumer"
for a fan-out version.)  Here's a URL for recent javadoc:


That javadoc contrasts the pipeline approach with "XMLFilterImpl".
A "pipeline" stage is basically an EventConsumer implementation,
such as EventFilter; they chain.  Some key points include:

    - doesn't mix producer and consumer roles
    - talks all the SAX2 handlers (decl, lexical ...)
    - supports "fan in" and "fan out", but not "parent" chaining

I've had requests to release that under a non-GPL license, so the
current stuff is under the "GPL with library exception" license.
That's what the GNU C library uses; it's friendly to proprietary
applications.  (Don't tell Microsoft ... :)

- Dave