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Re: Well-formed Blueberry

> An XSLT processor is a tree-to-tree transformation. The XML declaration
> is not part of the tree. It is produced only as part of the final,
> optional serialization of the document. Assuming the Blueberry
> declaration is part of the XML declaration, it would not be chosen until
> the entire output tree was available for inspection so that the presence
> or absence of Bluebbery characters could be definitively ascertained.

But the XSLT result tree building is explitly designed so that it is
(theoretically) possible to linearise the result tree as you go (unlike
the input tree, which you pretty much have to have in memory). This for
instance is the reason why you can not add attribute nodes to an element
after you have added any content, to do so would require backing up the


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