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Re: Date Time Data Type Customization

On 06 Aug 2001 09:56:56 -0500, Magick, Brian wrote:
> I've had some difficulty working with the date/time data type in XML
> Schemas.
> I need to capture a date as DDMMYYYHH:MM:SS.  So August 6th 2001 at 9:00 PM
> (exactly) would read:
> 0608200117:00:00
> Has anyone implemented "customizations" such as this in respects to the
> default schema date/time data type pattern?
> Any ideas how to do this?  Do I need to create a user defined data type?  Do
> I simply need to create some type of mask that I can apply to the default
> date/time type?

It's not kosher W3C XML Schema, but I'm trying to provide an approach
which will let you fragment whatever lexical form of date you have into
a set of smaller pieces (day, month, second, etc.).  It works okay for
element content, but I'm still working on attribute content.  See:

I'm hoping to have the remaining attribute issues sorted out sometime in
the next month, so keep watching!

Simon St.Laurent