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Re: Off Topic - HTML mail

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Marcus Carr wrote:

> Please excuse the off-topicness of this posting.
> Can anyone give me a single good reason (privately or publically) to use HTML email? I'm deleting what may be
> interesting postings because they're too annoying and difficult to read, though I might persist if I knew why people
> send them.

Marcus, I don't think people do this on purpose.  Microsoft Outlook
and Netscape mail default to HTML.  Most people don't think to turn
HTML mail off because they can't see the underlying code in the
mail software.

I usually use PINE on LINUX so have never had this problem but
occasionally I do use Netscape to send mail.  I found that I had an "HTML
problem"  when I cc'd myself mail from Netscape to my email and
was appalled to see HTML.  I hadn't realized Netscape was coding the mail
in HTML.  I turned this function off and everything is o.k.

Now won't it be great when e-mail is encoded in XML |-).


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