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RE: Off Topic - HTML mail

Joshua Allen writes:
 > I would only point out that HTML has been around for ten years, so one
 > would think that the world would be on-board by now.  Another deficiency

  Much of what comes through with HTML mail is unpresentable in
text-mode mailers (which still include XEmacs!), and that's unlikely
to change.

 > of e-mail is the lack of widespread Unicode support.  Rather than
 > upgrade our mailers to support Unicode, we just demand that the whole
 > world stay locked into our "Western European codepage" straightjacket.

  Honestly, I expect to see tolerable Unicode support before I see
tolerable HTML support.  I skip HTML email simply because it's too
tedious to read.
  It's unreasonable to expect people to change their email clients
because of HTML email; though of us who live on email need mailers
that are very time-efficient for us, which means changing mailers is
nearly impossible -- they're too closely tied to all other work

Betty Harvey wrote:
 > Now won't it be great when e-mail is encoded in XML |-).

  Only if we can agree on a schema!  ;-)


Fred L. Drake, Jr.  <fdrake at acm.org>
PythonLabs at Zope Corporation