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Does this mean you've seen through the dark glass 
to discern Tim Karellan's true form?  :-)

None of these are issues that the pioneers of hypertext 
did not anticipate.   They were ignored by the web  
generation.  Whether that is innocense, naivete, 
or simple opportunism could be debated, but this 
is the generation that will have to solve the problems. 
The solutions are likely not technical in the first analysis. 
Nor do I think court cases are of necessity, the only approach. 

Some things are not worth building.  They violate contracts.

Contracts are also a source of innovation.  As we contract 
for services, we have to specify reliability, security, property rights and
forth.  It may be of use for the standards and specifications 
organizations to better understand and define their roles 
in these processes.  In this, perhaps even more than in 
code, understanding what can be achieved versus the somewhat 
grandiose and definitely naive assertions of these organizations 
as sources of authority and governance is of value.   Contracts 
can cite standards and specifications, but the remedies are in 
the contracts themselves, thus, a bottom up definition.  Where 
such contracts can reasonably cite the specifications and standards 
with assurance that the technology scoped in the citation is 
commensurate with the remedy for default, then we have cause to see measured

progress without the catastrophes or chaos some think inevitable.

Slow and measured progress with clear understanding of the balance of 
forces and sources of authority is the right way.  Childhood's end 
is not the end of the story.  It is a beginning.


Ekam sat.h, Vipraah bahudhaa vadanti.
Daamyata. Datta. Dayadhvam.h

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From: Don Park [mailto:donpark@docuverse.com]

Thankfully SmartTags is dead (iced?), another related and still-active issue
is the client-side XSLT stylesheet which can transform and intermix
copyrighted materials from multiple sources.

There are just too many facets to these issues for us to draw any
conclusions without costly lawsuits, but its facinating to take a peek into
the jungle ahead.  So far, the XML community has plowed ahead with only
technological perspective, but I think the Age of Innocense is about to end.