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Re: [Q] Open-source Lisp XML Parser?

On 30 Aug 2001 09:02:34 -0400, Lawson, Rob wrote:
> I hope that someone may be able to help me.  I need to start using XML more
> extensively in my work integrating our product with other systems.  To this
> end I am looking for decent open source parsers for a variety of platforms,
> and would be happiest to find an open source one written in Lisp (although
> I'm it's a little utopian of me to expect to find exactly that!).  If anyone
> has any tips or pointers as to where I may found any information to help, I
> would be most grateful.

James Anderson has a lot of Lisp XML:

CL-XML is a collection of Common LISP modules for data stream parsing
and serialization according to the "Extensible Markup Language" and
anscilliary standards. The modules perform parsing and serialization
between XML, XML Query, and XML Path expressions and DOM-compatible CLOS
instances. The XML processor includes a conformant, validating,
namespace-aware model-based parser. It supports, in particular,
namespace-aware DTD-based validation. The XPATH module comprises LISP
bindings for the XML Path library, an S-expression-based namespace-aware
path model, and a macro-based path model compiler which implements an
XPATH-algebra. The XQUERY module comprises LISP bindings for the XML
Query library, an S-expression-based query model which incorporates the
XPATH facilities, and a macro-based query compiler. The base CLOS model
implements the XML Query Data Model in a class hierarchy which presents
an Infoset compatible programming interface.

Simon St.Laurent