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RE: [xml-dev] Has XML run its course?

Perhaps it need not be pointed out, but the W3C "owns" XML.  
I think you have a 2% chance of success.  We have too many 
new tools and too much investment in training, implementation, etc.

The W3C succeeded based on stretching the facts about what they could 
do and what was reasonable to do.  The web zealots publicly beat 
the hell out of the organizations and reputations of those who 
did have the right approach to standard infrastructure building 
in a way reminiscent of the mobs that burned the library of 
Alexandria.  The damage was enormous and the results not nearly 
as good as promised. The dot.bomb removed most of their 
credibility in the investment world.  Now it is "build it, demo it, 
market like hell, and maybe they will come" which is precisely 
the world before the W3C.   Organizations don't matter as much 
as utility and perceptions of utility.

I'm betting on MS and .net.  It does what is needed immediately.  If 
the events of this month have escaped your attention, the one 
thing pointed out in big bold colors is the need for reliable 
policy mediated access to databases in real-time and post event. 
Well-secured and standard service based systems are capable of 
that.   Once those are in place, then inference enabled 
systems have utility, but not before.   Berners-Lee needs to 
understand that and so do we.