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[xml-dev] Access the IXMLDOMNode's "attribute" property

When I go to a element with this code:

' Load XML

set objXML = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument")

objXML.async = False

objXML.load Server.MapPath("curprijs.xml")


Then I can see number of attributes with this command for example (FIRST ACCESS):

Response.Write   objXML.documentElement.attributes.length


But if I send the object to a function doing this…:

Response.Write aTree(objXML.documentElement)


… where aTree is a function like this (SECOND ACCESS):

function aTree(pNode)

            if pNode.attributes.length>0 then


            end if


            end function


Then I get a server ASP-processing error saying: Object required: 'pNode.attributes'


Why is this? What is the difference between the FIRST access to the attributes-collection and the SECOND?


Any hints would be greatly appreciated!!




Stephan van Ingen

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