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Re: [xml-dev] storing XML files

Elliotte Rusty Harold wrote:

> I'm a little surprised that more products don't support mixed
> content. I must say that if a so-called XML database doesn't
> support semi-structured data and mixed content, I really can't
> see why you'd use it instead of a relational database. In fact,
> I'd venture to say that if your database can't handle mixed content,
> then it isn't an XML database. Mixed content is a *very* fundamental
> part of XML, not something that can be ignored.
> I guess I'll have to add "Do you support mixed content?" to the
> list of tough questions I bother XML database vendors with on the
> exhibit floor at conferences. :-)

No need. I just need to write more clearly.

All native XML databases support mixed content and its companion,
sibling order. What I was referring to was XML-enabled relational
databases and middleware that use a (data-centric) object-relational

Except for XML-DBMS, these don't support mixed content or storing
sibling order information in the database (AFAIK). This is for good
reason -- data centric applications pretty much care about neither.

-- Ron