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RE: [xml-dev] Comment on W3C Patent Policy WG Response

Ann Navarro wrote:
> I don't represent "HTML writers".  I am an invited expert, my company is
> WebGeek, Inc.

So you are no longer a governing board member of the HTML Writers Guild, and
the guild's representative to W3C, acting on behalf of the guild's some
50,000 web designers?  If not, then I appologize and allow me to correct
myself: you do not represent HTML writers.

> (Note I've never said I'm "in favor of RAND", I've instead said that many
> of the arguments against it are ill-conceived or naive).

I see.  Would you have excluded idiots and uneducated peasants from joining
the American Revolution just because their reasons for joining are
ill-conceived or naive?  Ann, don't you think that replying as you have to
done to my well-intended message is ill-conceived or naive?


Don Park