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RE: [xml-dev] Comment on W3C Patent Policy WG Response

At 06:40 PM 10/15/2001 -0700, Don Park wrote:
>Ann Navarro wrote:
> > I don't represent "HTML writers".  I am an invited expert, my company is
> > WebGeek, Inc.
>So you are no longer

Haven't been for quite some time, my current activities have been clearly 
stated in my .sig for years.

> > (Note I've never said I'm "in favor of RAND", I've instead said that many
> > of the arguments against it are ill-conceived or naive).
>I see.  Would you have excluded


Nothing in my arguments, Don, is personalized. I won't argue on that level, 
because none of my statements have been on that level (nor are they on the 
level of governmental revolutions).


Ann Navarro, WebGeek Inc.
What's on my mind? http://www.snorf.net/blog/	
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