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RE: [xml-dev] More patent funnies!

From: PaulT [mailto:pault12@pacbell.net]

From: "Bullard, Claude L (Len)" <clbullar@ingr.com>

>> Northrup is an example.  This is the lone hacker, the 
>> hero of the netGen sitting down to become wealthy by 
>> his own talent and creation.  

>You're joking, right? Somebody is a hero, because of 
>'sitting down' ?

>So, finally, software development and 'hacking'  is 
>about 'sitting down' and writing some papers? 
>Pretty cool. 


Northrup is an example of the potential of a person 
who attains a potential for wealth by applied intelligence 
but who discovers his property rights violated by a 
community or company and then discovers the costs of 
remediation given the zeitgeist of "free for all, 
fair to some".

>I'd still think that Larry Wall is *much* better example 
>of 'the hero' and  'lone hacker'. 

Comparatively speaking, you could be right.  Heck, the XML WG only had to 
do useful subtraction on existing work to get on the top of 
phone lists of lots of company CEOs.  It is amazing how 
little heroric effort was needed a few years ago compared to what 
one will have to do now.   Times change and so does the focus of attention.

Who is the luckiest guy in America today?  Gary Condit.

>PS. I don't belive Northrup has something. I think 
>that the article is a joke. I tried Google. Do you 
>have any source of information other than single 
>article in linuxgram ?

Ask Tim.  He started the thread with the pointer. 
I only use it as an example of the confusing 
values of netGen.

Come to think of it, it is funny.