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Re: [xml-dev] XML for Video, Pizza Shops & TakeOut

Just out of interest, one of my associates makes Kiosks for Real Estate 

Essentially they are a 'Computer screen" behind the window that has a keypad 
that allows people to look at presentations of houses. It takes them on a 
virtual tour if one is available.

Each console is sold for around $15,000 each and I'm led to believe that the 
profit margins for each are quite high.

His existing product could easily work for Video, Pizza and Takeout allowing 
people to look at the menu on the kiosk outside the shop before going in and 
purchasing. In fact, they could easily purchase from outside the shop and 
then only go in when they need to collect the pizza or video.

If you can do this sort of thing today, then it can't be that hard to extend 
the technology a bit further back to someones home or phone or car console 
using xml. 

Anyhow, that's my two cents on one way to get XML into Pizza/Video shops and 

Sure there are lots of challenges but XML can get everywhere, it just needs 
people to be focused on looking for commercially viable opportunities and 
being able to execute them.