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Re: [xml-dev] XML for Video, Pizza Shops & TakeOut

Interesting point. If one had a a distributed processing protocol (rather 
than a static protocol like the web), a gps unit could feed geo location out 
to all the other nodes.

The real problem is that http was never designed to be able to do this and 
isn't able to multicast. 

The communications mechanisms that have been chosen for XML seem to be the 
ones that are least suited to it's practical use in the field.

imho: xml should have it's own realtime protocol that allows it to do all the 
cool travelling, commerce and realtime functions that it is so often put up 
for. And not be lumbered with HTTP or SOAP which is slow, cumbersome and 
requires multi-month development efforts to make anything happen.

I've worked with XML and GPS. It's great. Of course, when the satelites are 
off (used to happen) one has a feeling of being quite lost !

> Does the pizza shop owner use COM?

Not usually, after a shift it's almost always SOAP.


On Thursday 18 October 2001 05:17, Bullard, Claude L (Len) wrote:
> The pizza shop owner knows pizza.  His
> ad agency knows room ambience.  His
> phone company knows XML.  Their programmers
> know COM.  Nicely encapsulated for our
> consumption.
> "It's a beautiful world we live in."
> Rethinking:  we don't have to have
> human identity services.  We just need
> an easy to configure querying device.
> How much data does it need?  Ok, what
> contexts are of value given some
> journey or time scope?  If all the
> contexts are cached on the machine,
> it only needs GPS.
> len
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dave Winer [mailto:dave@userland.com]
> BTW, of course the pizza shop is going to use XML.
> But will the pizza shop owner have any idea?
> No.
> Here's a thought puzzle.
> Does the pizza shop owner use COM?
> Dave
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