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Re: [xml-dev] Generating reports for XML-based tables

At 11:58 PM 10/19/2001 -0700, Ronald Bourret wrote:

>2) Rewrite the queries using an XML query language that supports
>cross-document queries and then find an existing query processor to run
>the queries.

Note that reports involving joins are one of the examples in the XQuery 


You can download our prototype here:


If you have large data sets, you will probably want to load them into an 
indexed Tamino database and use the prototype together with that. You can 
also run the prototype off of text files.

>3) Put the data into another relational database and forget about XML
>Personally, I think (3) is the best option.

Please compare the queries in the XQuery document to the equivalents in SQL 
before you conclude that ;->